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7.5oz Sleek

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My Order 506 Cans per Tier
Partial Pallet: 9 - 20 Tiers
Full Pallet: 21 Tiers
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About this product

Manufactured by Ball, these sleek body-diameter, 7.5oz brite cans are compatible with 202 end lids.

Check out the spec sheets below for drawings, measurements, tolerances, and liner information.


  • Material: Aluminum
  • Lining: BPANI, Sherwin Williams V70Q11AA
  • MOQ - 5,566 Cans (11 Tiers)
  • Tier Quantity - 506 Cans
  • Full Pallet Quantity -10,626 Cans (21 Tiers)
  • Fill Volume: 7.5oz/222ml
  • Body Diameter: 204
  • End Diameter: 202