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8.4oz Stubby Brite Cans


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About this product

Manufactured by Jima Group in China, our standard 211 body-diameter, 8.4oz (250ml) brite cans are compatible with 202 end-diameter lids.

These cans are great for high gravity beers, light beers packaged as bloody mary chasers (if you're in the Midwest), or for innovative products in the cannabis, CBD, RTD cocktail, and wine markets.

Check out the spec sheets below for drawings, measurements, tolerances, and liner information.


***Brite cans are only available in the quantities listed. We do not break down pallets of brite cans to smaller quantities***


  • Material: Aluminum
  • Lining: BPANI
  • Full Pallet Quantity - 9,725 Cans (25 Tiers)
  • Shipped on wood pallet with cardboard tier sheets
  • Fill Volume: 8.4oz/250ml
  • Body Diameter: 211
  • End Diameter: 202